RocketDock 1.3

RocketDock 1.3 - simple free tray bar for accesing Windows functions
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RocketDock 1.3 is a simple application that might remember to some users the down tray bar of the Macintosh OS, but it installs itself by default on the middle of the upper part of our desktop.
From this tray bar, it's possible to enter My PC, My Net places, My documents, My music, My images, the Control Panel, the Recycle WasteBasket, as well as the configuration itself and the developer web site (Punk SOftware).

In addition, RocketDock 1.3 will always stay visible on our desktop (always on top) to help in doing daily PC use much easier.

- minimizes windows to the system tray
- shows windows previews in Vista
- has indicators for running application
- supports multi-monitor systems
- icons are auto hidden or merged as mouse passes over
- supports ICO and PNG icons
- the icons bar is customizable
- can be moved all over the screen
- works perfectly on slow machines
- compliant with Unicode standards
- can be translated to many lenguages
- smooth and user friendly operation

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very useful for common tasks


  • It appears to "intrude" when the desktop is full of icons
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